Service Center

We offer a comprehensive service center to manage both scheduled and impromptu maintenance, service, and repair works for all our clients. Our range of services includes:

  • Maintenance for submersible and surface pumps
  • Diagnosis of faulty borehole equipment
  • Repair of controllers and pumping units
  • Flushing and disinfection work for boreholes
  • Replacement of electrical equipment and pumping units
  • Borehole camera inspection services
  • Servicing for water treatment plants
  • Servicing for solar water heaters
  • Servicing for solar water desalinators
  • Pump retrieval exercise (fishing) Our team of in-house engineers is dedicated to ensuring our clients' equipment is in excellent condition to deliver efficient service and value.

Kilimo Solar

This product line is designed to cater to farmers who want to incorporate technology into their farming practices, but require simple and practical solutions that are affordable and easy to maintain. Our plug and play pumps are perfect for small and medium-scale farmers who want to efficiently irrigate their crops, without the hassle of complex installations or high maintenance costs.

Surface Pump

The Kilimo Solar Surface Pump is an exceptional surface solar water pump that has received multiple awards for its high-quality performance and user-friendly design. Its superior performance and easy handling set it apart from other solar surface pumps in the market. The versatility of the Sunlight pump makes it an attractive option for end-users in a range of applications.

The Kilimo Solar Surface pump offers a reliable, low-maintenance and cost-effective alternative. Its solar-powered operation reduces the need for frequent maintenance, which translates to lower operating costs over time. The Sunlight pump is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and sustainable water pumping solution.

Submersible Well Pump

The Kilimo Solar submersible well pump offer a reliable and efficient solution for pumping water from shallow wells to the surface for irrigation, livestock watering, or domestic use.

The pump is powered by solar energy, it does not require any external power source, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.

Domestic Water Purifier (Reverse Osmosis Unit)

Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO) This technology removes dissolved salts and impurities from water and kills bacteria. It provides a low-maintenance, chemical-free option to help achieve clean, great-tasting water each and every day. Our wide selection of reverse osmosis systems will ensure the right RO system for your home or organization.