Kilimo Solar Surface Pump (Sunlight Pump)

Due to the energy crisis farmers are getting difficulties in irrigating their crops under such increasing grid and fuel costs. There is a need to facilitate the farmers in alternative ways of powering their water pumps. Our customized small scale Kilimo Solar Pumping solutions provide great outcome and impact to farmers through minimizing the cost of production and maximizing agricultural productivity.

Kilimo Solar Surface Pumping Solution -Sunlight Pump

A sustainable solution to cover the water needs of farmers and communities

Main advantages of the sunlight pump

  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Solar- or battery powered
  • No costs for fuel or electricity
  • Total delivery head up to 40m
  • Light weight surface water pump
  • Very low maintenance and repair costs
  • High quality and long lifetime
  • Highest system efficiency in the market

Kilimo Solar Surface Pump Data Sheet (Download)

The use of Sunlight Pump is one of the easiest ways for farmers to maximize agricultural production thus providing them with additional income. Farmers in Kenya have embraced this application of water extraction for irrigation and domestic water supply.