About Epicenter Africa

Providing sustainable power and water solutions in Africa.

Our Story

Epicenter Africa was established in 2009 with a purpose to provide sustainable power and water solutions in Africa. Our intention was to help address the challenges of water scarcity, water quality and inadequate power.

Since our establishment, Epicenter Africa has been on a journey, seeking solutions in water pumping, solar power, water treatment and engine power for communities, organizations and governments in Africa.

With the increasing scarcity of water and inadequate supply of power, our team dedicates itself to provide reliable solutions in the most professional approach, to uplift our communities.

We are proud of our achievements thus far and look to the future with enthusiasm, to grow with the needs of our customers, to transform communities and change lives.

Our process

Epicenter Africa is an EPC provider in water and renewable energy projects. Our project approach entails:

  • Engineering: Our engineering team is well versed with the water and energy needs and issues across Africa. We have designed and executed numerous projects across the region. Our process involves need analysis, scoping, system design, costing, cost-benefit analysis, installation & construction and finally operation and maintenance.
  • Procurement: A good project is largely dependent on great design and quality products. We select the most optimal equipment from the top manufacturers across the world. At all times, the primary focus is on ensuring the right quality, effectiveness and efficiency for our customers.
  • Construction: Our technical teams include highly experienced engineers and technicians. They employ cutting edge technologies with the objective of building and installing the highest quality projects. They also run operation and maintenance programs for all our projects.

Our EPC model enables us to maintain responsibility for all the stages of the process from design, procurement and construction through to commissioning and handover of the project to the End-User. This allows our clients to have a stress free experience.

Impacting communities and changing lives across East Africa

Our Impact

In the past 4 years, Epicenter Africa continues to impact communities and change lives across East Africa.

  • 2.5 billion litres: Every month we have an output of 2.5b liters or water from our projects.
  • 5 Mega Watts: Since we started we have managed to generate 5MW of solar power.
  • 5 million: Through the work we do, we have directly impacted and changed the lives of 5 million people.
  • 2,500: The average number of sunshine hours in Africa Per annum.
  • 5kWh/m2: The average solar radiation levels in Africa.